Transforming Fear to Joy

Organization Design

Purpose & Function

Setting out on the journey of organization design means consciously choosing to align all the parts of an enterprise.  The aim with this deliberate business solution is to ensure the organization’s unique strategic or competitive advantage—PURPOSE (why it exists) & FUNCTION (what tasks it does in service to its purpose—is delivered effectively and efficiently to its customer base.  Excellent customer service is directly correlated to whether or not these parts are aligned.

Shared Experience

Broadly speaking, all organizations share the same three parts:

  1.  a Social system—customer demands, rewards/recognition, people processes, ways of working, culture, strategy, value-creation activities)
  2. a Technical system—structures, technologies, management/
    coordination processes and systems
  3. an Environmental system—geographic-social-political-economic trends surrounding and influencing the business


Bringing this “whole system” into a design exercise can daunt even the best of multi-taskers, which is why a collaborative approach not only eases the brain strain and workload but also enriches creativity, innovation and engagement.

Whole System Collaborative Design

By collaboratively co-designing their entire enterprise, employees and managers learn how to best serve all their stakeholders not just for today’s circumstances but for future change as well.  Designing your enterprise’s collaboration platform creates the stable, agile foundation capable of surviving and thriving in the rapidly changing environment of the 21st century.

Purpose, People, Planet, Prosperity

In collaboration, we will –

  • build peace  (resolve conflict) through stakeholder collaboration
  • balance organizational optimization and innovation*
  • facilitate culture change
  • co-design and develop adaptive enterprises (whole system transformation)
  • redesign organizations  for social-technological-business adaptation
  • clarify strategic direction and planning process
  • refine corporate social awareness/responsibility