Coaching on Joy


Coaching provides you the opportunity to GROW your performance and satisfaction both personally and professionally.  Through assessing your thinking, beliefs, values, motivation, emotions and self-awareness, you will learn to change your limiting behaviours, thereby changing your results.

Our Purpose:    Transforming Trials to Treasures

• Enabling awareness . . . dig deeper with in-to-me-see.
• Asking for what you want . . . empower your intentions.
• Acting on your own behalf . . . as if — in thought, word and deed.

Our Process:    Inspiration to Reinvention

• personal writing is the vehicle used to encourage personal transformation
• the focus is to GROW from what you are/have currently to what you desire for yourself
• interactive group sessions facilitated by a transformational coach

Your Potential:

• learning experiences followed by individual writing applications
• focusing on areas where you desire growth
• clarifying your personal values and vision
• clarifying your unique contribution and individual life purpose
• articulating necessary next steps to realize your vision and stay on purpose
• ongoing sharing and support among soul-minded writers

12 sessions (2 hrs/session)         Maximum 15 people.         Price:   Contact us for details.