Coaching on Joy


Coaching provides you the opportunity to GROW your performance and satisfaction both personally and professionally.  Through assessing your thinking, beliefs, values, motivation, emotions and self-awareness, you will learn to change your limiting behaviours, thereby changing your results.

Our Purpose:    Transforming Trials to Treasures

• Enabling awareness . . . dig deeper with in-to-me-see.
• Asking for what you want . . . empower your intentions.
• Acting on your own behalf . . . as if — in thought, word and deed.

Our Process:    Inspiration to Reinvention

• personal writing is the vehicle used to encourage personal transformation
• the focus is to GROW from what you are/have currently to what you desire for yourself
• interactive group sessions facilitated by a transformational coach

Your Potential:

• learning experiences followed by individual writing applications
• focusing on areas where you desire growth
• clarifying your personal values and vision
• clarifying your unique contribution and individual life purpose
• articulating necessary next steps to realize your vision and stay on purpose
• ongoing sharing and support among soul-minded writers

12 sessions (2 hrs/session)         Maximum 15 people.         Price:   Contact us for details.


Changing a bad habit? Trying to lose weight? Quit smoking?

Not feeling Joy in your life? Tired of your job?

Whatever you're working on, good tools can make the difference between a constant struggle or finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

Change is simple, but not easy. However, it's easier with the right tools.

To help get you started down your path to Joy! I've brought together six of my favourite transformation tools for you to download and use for absolutely free.

– Helen Maupin

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