Transforming Fear to Joy

A Write to Joy – Inspiration to Transformation


An untapped power resides within each of us.

It responds to the call of writing.


A Write to Joy is a personal development program utilizing powerful tools of exploration and expression to jump start your life.  Not unlike our thumbprints, each of us has a unique writer’s voice that expresses our truly authentic, creative self.  It is our goal to remove the barriers inhibiting your confident, creative, joyful expression and to access the passion and inspiration within you.

Inspiration is like a bloodhound.
Once you’ve got the scent, there is only one trail to follow.

Never written before . . . a closet writer . . . a published author?  All are welcome.  A Write to Joy‘s purpose is to get you started writing, keep you writing and move you beyond writing rules and personal stumbling blocks.

We tap into your own unlimited creative resources with . . .

• powerful tools of awareness and transformation
• an encouraging council of writing companions
• a safe environment for self-expression

Transformation is about affirming your desires, asking for what you want and acting on your own behalf.

A Write to Joy bridges creativity blocks (criticism, perfectionism, procrastination and stress) by setting sail for our soul’s words of wisdom. We invite you to share in this voyage to voice your innate source of inspiration.

We do not edit or evaluate writing.  Instead, we encourage expression.


I found a safe place I could try out my “writer’s voice” without criticism. I wrote over 30 poems and short stories, and my pen is still flowing. Dale Thomas

A creator waits within each of us.  Our greatest joy is to help you find your lifeline to full expression.

A Write to Joy is a voyage for . . .

• taming fear and uncovering creative potential
• triggering inspiration, memory and imagination
• creating from your deep well of wisdom


32 sessions (2.5 hrs/session)         Maximum 15 people.         Price:  Contact us for details.



Joy is our only Job