A Mythic Write – Inspiration to Integration

Meet your mythic self.

Joseph Campbell, in The Power of Myth, stated “myths are clues to our deepest spiritual potential [. . .] and put the harmony of our own body in accord with the grand symphony that this world is.”

The intent of this program is to integrate your head, hands and heart through myth, simple movement and the mystery of writing.

Our Purpose:    Inspiration to Integration

  • to use cultural myths (Hero, Warrior, Lover, Mother, etc.) to meet your self.
  • to explore how you express these myths in your daily life.
  • to integrate the exploration and expression of your writer’s voice (heart) with your physical self (hands) and your imaginative self (head).

Our Process:    Exploration to Expression

  • includes interactive group sessions facilitated by a transformational coach.
  • uses rituals that release the potential of your heart, hands and head.
  • produces collective stories of humanity relived in the writing of your personal mythology.

Your Potential:    Production to Publication

  • producing a body of writing that is your personal mythology.
  • integrating your head-hands-heart (mind, body, spirit) for a richer creative experience.
  • publishing your self-selected creative work at the completion of the program.

12 sessions (2.5 hrs/session)         Maximum 15 people.         Price:   Contact us for details.


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