Truth, Beauty & Goodness — Shared Values to Live By

Effective businesses organize around what is considered valuable and call this their value proposition. So, it is not a huge leap for global society to recognize the significance of organizing around what it deems as valuable. The question remains, “What universally shared values are foundational for the prosperity of people and planet?” Answering this question has everything to do with accepting that our emergent experience constitutes a New Normal, and a good deal of the uncertainty experienced in this New Normal is attributable to the shifting nature of our values.

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Attention World-wide News Media . . . It’s Time to Diversify

They just aren’t getting it. By they, I mean the large conglomerates publishing the daily news around the world. Over 20 years ago, I quit watching the news
and reading the daily papers because the only stories reported were negative — terrorism, violent crimes, wars, natural disasters, death tolls. Shortly thereafter, enough of the global population must have made their dissatisfaction known as a common occurrence emerged on every news station — the reporting anchor ended her/his reading of depressing stories with one positive event.

Well, a ratio of 10 negative to 1 positive does not a true picture make.

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