Personal Transformation -

Personal Transformation

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You will

  • resolve conflicts by:  identifying symptoms and sources, collaborating with adversaries, creating win-win solutions
  • participate and collaborate in Search Conferences, Open Space Sessions, and Design Workshops
  • transform limiting beliefs into potential
  • establish strength-based rituals
  • utilize writing to increase awareness, transformation and creativity
  • increase communication and collaboration through sharing circles
  • reduce stress and increase productivity with meditation
  • release emotional blockages and improve performance through yoga



Changing a bad habit? Trying to lose weight? Quit smoking?

Not feeling Joy in your life? Tired of your job?

Whatever you're working on, good tools can make the difference between a constant struggle or finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

Change is simple, but not easy. However, it's easier with the right tools.

To help get you started down your path to Joy! I've brought together six of my favourite transformation tools for you to download and use for absolutely free.

– Helen Maupin

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