August 2016 -

Awareness & Consciousness Arise from Nothingness

I return refreshed from a month of gardening followed by a week-long yoga intensive. Each summer at this time, I treat myself to these occasions of being purposefully led through a transformational experience. Always my intention is the same — to awaken to my unconscious habits and to continue the work of liberating these deeply held patterns from my body.

Fortunately, the physical body wisely shows us, through sensation, where to focus attention in order to heighten awareness and raise consciousness.

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Effortless Effort Untethers the Soul

It takes great trust to be okay with everything and everyone. Believing in the inherent goodness of all circumstances and people is challenging enough in today’s climate.
Now add the ability to accept that whatever arises in the moment is exactly what you need. If you are capable of accepting each moment as it presents itself, you have the recipe for living life in an effortless fashion. By effortless, I do not mean without expending any energy, just without expending negative energy.

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