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118 yoga actions

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deepen& expand

your yoga practice

Our Yoga Actions study guides take you beyond the shape of a yoga pose into your inner body-mind experience while developing healthy habits that get you moving again.

Yoga Actions for Feet & Ankles

Yoga Actions for Legs & Knees

Yoga Actions for Pelvis & Psoas

Yoga Actions for Feet Torso & Spine

Yoga Actions for Shoulders & Arms

Yoga Actions – Asana Glossary

3 Steps to
Deepen Your Experience


Becoming familiar with the sensations in your body and mind that signal ease as well as discomfort and dissatisfaction.


Applying yoga actions to your areas of pain, suffering, confusion and paralysis in order to reveal new understanding and direction.


Adopting those yoga actions that bring your whole being (mind-body-spirit) into alignment.

Most yoga practitioners reach a point where they want deeper understanding.

Are you struggling to …

  • create an intimate understanding of and relationship with yourself?
  • deepen your spiritual practice and expand your yoga skills and toolkit?
  • commit daily or even weekly time for physical, emotional and spiritual growth?
  • remove emotional and physical blockages and recover from stress and burnout?
  • increase your energy, enthusiasm and overall health?

Typical progression of a Yogi

Whether you are brand new to yoga, an advanced practitioner or a senior yoga teacher, every yoga pose (asana) reveals to you where your tension, tightness, pain and suffering are located in your body.  Each body is unique so this can and does appear differently to each person.  

As a beginner yogi, you may initially feel these sensations at the level of your skin, flesh and muscles.  For instance, when you do Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Dog), where do you feel sensation—hamstrings, arms, upper back?  With regular asana practice and the application of yoga actions, your awareness of sensation will move deeper into your muscles, bones, organs and nervous systems.  As you move deeper into your body and mind, you move closer to understanding the source of any tension, tightness, pain and suffering that is showing up for you.<